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Welcome to Running Across Texas

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Texas is not only one of the largest states in the union, it’s also one of the fittest. Running, cycling, rollerblading, we’ve got the weather and space to make it all happen. At a time when the nation is wallowing in economic woes, Texas continues to be business-friendly. Jobs mean money, and money means leisure activities, and that means running.

This site is dedicated to making sense of all the running events and providing informative articles dealing with training strategies, nutrition, and sports medicine. While we try to cover as many races as possible, we can’t be everywhere. Please send race reports and photos to info@runningacrosstexas.com.

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Send your content to info@runningacrosstexas.com. If you include your Google Adsense code, you’ll have a chance to score some residual income.

About Running Across Texas

This site is owned and operated by KSmith Media, LLC. It’s mission is to provide running information pertaining to Texas and the surrounding areas as well as general running, fitness, sports medicine, and nutritional information. Webmaster’s Google profile

Disclaimer: All the content is opinion and/or commonly accepted notions (especially the sports medicine info) within the fitness community. In other words, taking advice is the reader’s responsibility.


Brenda T., Conroe, TX: This is a great site for us beginners! Thanks!
"Slow Foot", Dallas, TX: I found your nutritional advice especially useful.
Maxie W., New Orleans: Even though I don’t live in your state, I’m close enough to hit some of your races; great service.
Al O., Kemah, TX: Thanks for the article on the Baytown Bridge. Didn’t know...

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